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Typical Floor Plans

RCBC Plaza is composed of two towers – the Yuchengco Tower and Tower II – each divided into three zones: Low Rise, Mid Rise, and High Rise. Below is the list of floors covered by each zone and their corresponding approximate leasable areas.

Yuchengco Tower Floors Typical Floor Area
   High Rise 33 to 48  1,780 sq.m.
   Mid Rise 19 to 32 1,660 to 1,750 sq.m.
   Low Rise  5 to 18 1,650 sq.m.
Tower II Floors Typical Floor Area
   High Rise 31 to 41 1,770 to 1,830 sq.m.
   Mid Rise 18 to 32 1,770 sq.m.
   Low Rise 5 to 17 1,670 to 1,700 sq.m.


Click on the links provided below to view in a larger format the typical floor plan for each zone.

Listed typical floor areas are approximates. 


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