Parking Information

RCBC Plaza has seven (7) levels of basement parking accessible through the building’s main vehicle entry point along the Sen. Gil Puyat perimeter.

Basement levels 1 to 6 are for the exclusive use of RCBC Plaza tenants, while basement level 7 is the designated parking area for RCBC Plaza visitors and guests.


Rates for Hourly/Visitors’ Parking (effective October 2023)
First two (2) hours Php  60.00
Succeeding hour or fraction thereof Php  30.00
For every hour of stay over four (4) hours (For Non-Tenants and Non-Visitors) Php 100.00
Fixed rate for 12 hours (For Tenants and Tenant’s Visitors Only) Php 210.00
Overnight Parking (5:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.) Php 120.00
Motorcyle Parking
First two (2) hours Php  40.00
Succeeding hour or fraction thereof (motorcycle parking) Php  20.00
Monthly Reserved Parking Rates for Tenants
Single Slot Php 5,000.00
Double Slot Php 8,000.00
Triple Slot Php 10,800.00
Motorcycle Php 750.00
Parking Access Card or RFID (one time payment) Php 300.00

Note: Hourly Parkers exceeding 4 hours must provide proof that period of stay was due solely to conducting business within RCBC Plaza; otherwise, they will be charged rates applicable to Non-Tenants and Non-Visitors of the building. 

For Tenants – Valid Company ID

For Visitors – Visitor’s Pass issued by the authorized tenants/offices


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